What to do when you feel your language learning is stalled.

First check the golden trinity: Attitude, Time and Attentiveness.

1) How is my attitude? Am I doing things that are interesting? Am I questioning the language and resisting it? Am I expecting perfection? Or am I just sitting back and letting the language flow in as I should be?
2) Am I spending enough time? Am I listening regularly whenever I can? Have I developed the habit of reading in the language? Am I looking for chances to speak? Do I write a little?
3) Am I trying to notice the language? Do I notice things when I listen and read? Do I review my words now and again. Do I occasionally review?? the grammar?

And if you are following the golden trinity, and still not enjoying the language, take some time off. Your language skills will pick up where you left off. Give the language some benign neglect. You will be back stronger than ever.


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