The joys of being in Portugal.

Portugal may not be the richest country in Europe, and especially here in the North, it may not have the best weather, but it has the nicest people.

Here is what we found in our room at the delightful Bracara Augusta Hotel here in Braga,?? this afternoon after we returned from a walk. They somehow knew it was my birthday.

And below that are pictures of the festivities on the day I arrived in Braga, on the 100 anniversary of the establishment of the Portuguese republic.



3 thoughts on “The joys of being in Portugal.

  1. I’m glad you are enjoying Portugal! I live in Porto and have stayed in the Bracara Augusta in Braga before; it’s a lovely hotel! I actually recognised the hotel from your photo before I realised you were in Northern Portugal. 🙂 Happy birthday!

  2. I moved to Porto a little over a year ago with my partner and we set up our translation business here. We are both from the UK and had studied languages (Portuguese being one of them) and translation there and as we had previously studied in Portugal and always liked it a lot we decided to move permanently last year… and haven’t looked back since!

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