And the Cantonese language too?

Here is a comment I found on a blog called Justrecently’s blog. about the attempt of the Central government to reduce the use of Cantonese in Guangdong province and some resistance to the idea.

In summer this year, both in mainland China???s Guangdong province, and in Hong Kong, demonstrators had protested against a proposal by Ji Kekuang (?????????, or ?????????, or ???????????? ??? JR), a member of the CPPCC Guangzhou committee, had advocated a reduction of Cantonese language usage in favor of Standard Chinese or putonghua, and Guangzhou???s municipal committee moved along, proposing that Guangzhou TV???s most popular channels start broadcasting in the central government-designated national language of Putonghua, also known as Mandarin, rather than in Cantonese.


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