We should all learn languages

This thread at our LingQ forum cites comments by Fareed Zakaria and others about the need for Americans and Britons to learn foreign languages, in order to succeed in a global world. I hope this has some effect. Unfortunately, a lot of finger-wagging about the need to learn French never motivated school children in English Canada to learn French

Furthermore, one commenter to my blog, Bortrun, an experienced ESL teacher, points out that language learners don’t want to read in the language they are learning, they just want to “talk”, as if that will enable them to become to fluent.

If we can instill an interest in reading,?? and the habit of reading in foreign languages, in young school children, we may yet produce more language learners.?? MP3 players, or iPods are a key tool in developing these habits. The use of audio is key to developing reading skills, in my view, in one’s native language and in foreign languages. It is a lot easier to read words that you have already heard.


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