The Sicilians

Sicily is wonderful, the architecture, the views, the food, the wine, but more than anything else, the people.?? People are not effusive like the people in Salerno, they are more conservative but just make you feel welcome. They are very proud of Sicily. We have spoken to shopkeepers, street sweepers (there are too few of these but they do exist), hotel and B and B hosts and many others. They are overwhelmingly friendly and hospitable.

Here you will see 1) pictures of our host Antonio at the Casansaldo Band B in Giarre, 2) Sandro at the Rosa dei Venti farm near Enna, and finally a family who were picnicking outside the Greek temple at Selinunte. I said “bongiorno and buon appetito” and was about to drive out of the parking lot, when Francesco there waved at me to stop. I went over and he gave me the most delicious olives from his own farm and a piece of bread. This was our lunch. We then had a most delicious dinner in Trapani where we are now. We feel tremendously at home everywhere.

Actually the second picture is not of Sandro, but of another couple, from Palermo, who were staying at the farm. We all had a great dinner that night. When I took the picture of Sandro I had my camera on video, so I will try loading the mistaken video and see what happens. Sandro is on the left as you look at the video.

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