Japan the sick man of Asia? I don’t believe it.

I have heard so much doom and gloom about Japan, but arriving in Narita, and being ever so efficiently whisked away by efficient people to Haneda, driving by the spectacular construction along Tokyo bay and now checked in to the Excel Hotel at the modern Haneda airport. If I think of the Tokyo I knew in the 70’s, it has changed beyond anyone’s imagination. I look forward to really getting a feel for what is happening here over the next 2 weeks. And now I am going to go to bed!


3 thoughts on “Japan the sick man of Asia? I don’t believe it.

  1. Japan’s an easy target for this type of "doom and gloom" as the people will pretty much take it and agree. But your right not "sick" at all just Japan being Japan. The only way you couldn’t see the positives in this country is if you were blind-folded or a paid writer for the "Economist".Enjoy you time here.

  2. Scott, that is my prejudice going in but I will keep my eyes open. How serious a problem is unemployment or discouragement among the young?

  3. <div>Steve</div> <div>??</div> <div>Most of the young weren't around when things on the employment front were better so they aren't really comparing. Sure they??might not get a job with &quot;Sony&quot; but that is not altogether a bad thing. I don't find my 4th year Uni students??unduly discouraged.<br> </div> <div>Great kids one and all!</div> <div>??</div> <div>Scott.</div> <div>??</div>

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