Akita city

We landed despite the snow. The drive in from the airport would suggest that Akita city is not an architectural wonder. Lots of Lawson convenience stores, and Pachinko parlours and gas stations and restaurants with garish neon lights or so it seems.

Had supper at Chitose airport before getting on the plane. Delicious uni, ikura and ebi. with a small draft beer. Had a night cap of local sake at the hotel bar, before retiring and the fellow behind the bar, a 23 year old, told me that young Japanese are quite OK with the world, do not compare the present more difficult economic situation with the golden eighties like the previous generation. He struck me, as with many?? young Japanese, as a pleasant, level headed, open minded ye energetic young man. I am not pessimistic about Japan. But it is only day two, and I have an early morning tomorrow again, and I have to write up today’s meetings. Hotel Metropolitan in Akita, worth the visit. Beautiful and practical room. 8,000 yen or something a night, cannot remember. Now let’s see if I can find my meeting notes.

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