Japan LingQ meet ups.

I am looking forward to our Japan LingQ meet ups. My only problem is that I got food poisoning on Wednesday morning, and have not eaten a proper meal for two days. With rest and a diet of Pocari Sweat, I think my system is ready, but I may have to take it easy in terms of what I eat. This will not dampen my pleasure at meeting our local LingQers.

The first meet up is tonight, January 22, in Osaka. We are meeting in the lobby of the ANA Crowne Plaza hotel at 6.00 pm and then proceeding to dinner at the Hata-bou restaurant for some okonomiyaki..

In Nagoya we are meeting on the following day, Sunday January 23, in the lobby of the Marriot Associa Hotel in the Cafe Decennale on the first floor, and then going to sample some local food nearby.

And in Tokyo on the 26th we will gather at Ebisu station, West Exit, at 7.15 pm, and then going to Matsue sushi restaurant.. Reservations at the restaurant are for 7.30.

If anyone else can make it, I would look forward to meeting you.

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