Words can sound pretty similar, and knowing which one to use is often difficult in a new language.

One problem in learning a new language is that for a long time, there are certain words that just sound the same. It is not so bad when we listen or read, since the context helps us out. However, when we go to use the word, we really need to know which one to use.

At LIngQ, I save many different forms of words, and I save lots of?? phrases with my new words in them. Each different case, each different person or tense, is a different word. Of course, there are many words with common roots, or prefixes or suffixes. They all get saved.

Every so often I go the Vocabulary page and search by root using the *root* and search function. This can turn up lists of many tens of examples of similar sounding words, in a variety of tenses, cases, and phrases. Reviewing them all at one place helps me to see how they are connected and how they are different.

Try it. I believe it helps us notice, and it helps us get a better feel for which word to use.

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