Queer as a second language.

Comments from a teacher attending a TESOL conference.

“When I go to TESOL, I try to take some time to go to a session that may not be directly related to my work as a teacher educator and professional developer.?? It is a way for me to explore and expand what I know and what I think.?? This year I went to a very interesting session by Cynthia Nelson and the ILGBT Forum.?? Cynthia created a reader’s theater piece entitled “Queer as a Second Language” and used the voices of actual ESL students and teachers collected through research about??sexual identities in the ESL classroom.?? The piece was performed and then a discussion was held where folks could talk together about how the characters experienced and grappled with socio-sexual diversity in the classroom.
It was fantastic to sit with a group of colleagues and listen to how we all have (or have not) dealt with issues of sexual identity in the classroom and what this means for teachers and students.?? I was also very intrigued by the performance idea – doing ethnographic research and integrating ideas and informant’s words into theater.?? It was very moving and a cool way to explore research findings!”

How does this relate to language learning?

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