Funding, the biggest obstacle to education reform and initiative.

Cornell University officials are complaining that funding cuts will mean shutting down programs in?? “lesser-known languages that hold national importance, like Khmer and Burmese”,

???What these grants do is allow us to offer languages that may not have huge numbers of students learning them, but are very important … If you cut these programs, it becomes very difficult for the University to offer them,??? Alice Pell, vice provost for international relations, said.

If these languages are so important to certain students, why do they not study them on their own? Why don’t various universities pool their resources to offer resources for these languages?

It is as if the goal of teaching institutions is to attract funding. Education has done a far better job of obtaining government funding than of delivering education results over the last 30 years as the amount of public spending on education has ballooned without any corresponding improvement in education results. Maybe it is time to cut funding and see whether this does not generate some more effective solutions to education needs.

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