Shotgun approach to learning Czech

One of the 4 new languages recently added to LingQ is Czech. (Arabic, Dutch and Polish) are the others. I have decided to focus on Czech. It is fun to start a language from scratch again, although it is not entirely from scratch, since many words and grammar patterns are familiar from Russian.

Focus is not the right word either, since I am taking a shotgun or scattered approach. I am listening to and reading beginner material at LingQ, but also using more advanced material where most words are unknown to me. Advanced material is inherently more interesting and so I do not mind the extra work LingQing more words.??

I am also doing more flash card review than I am used to do with Russian or Portuguese.

In addition, I found a phrase book at home, that I bought when I was in Prague for a few days. It is small, so I can keep it in my pocket and read through it whenver I have a moment.

I do not try to memorize anything, but just want to expose myself to the language in a variety of ways. So far I am enjoying myself.

I may have a look at declension or conjugation tables later, and some grammar rules, but it will be much later, I think.

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