Learning Czech using guerilla tactics

I do not think we learn languages in a straight line. I do not think we learn best by starting with the basics and proceeding in an orderly fashion. I think we learn best by bouncing around, attacking and retreating, following our interests. At least that is what I am doing.

I mix in some beginner and intermediate content at LingQ,?? all provided by our members, audio and text, consuming it as fast as they produce it. Then I imort content from Radio Praha. I have 15 articles in one collection, complete with text and the link to the MP3 file. I read them, save LingQs, listen to the audio while reading online, and then download the audio to my MP3 player for later.

I also have imported the first 5 chapters of The Good Soldier Svejk into LingQ and have studied the first two and a half, and listened many times.

I?? found a copy of?? Teach Yourself Czech, with CD which I read and listen to, as well as a book I bought in Russia called “?????????????? ???????? ???? ???????? ??????????”.

I also use the bookmarklet to import a few articles every day from the Czech online newspaper http://www.ceskenoviny.cz/ to read and study at LingQ.

I bounce around from easy to difficult to easy, following my interests. Slowly I am understanding more.Speaking is still at least a month away. I wish I had more time. Between my trip to Nelson last week, and on going obligations here, and continuing my Russian, I really don’t have as much time as I would like.

Tomorrow my son from London comes to visit for a week, and that will leave even less time. Maybe I should just go off to the Czech Republic for a month or so.


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