Anthony Robbins and language learning.

Motivation is the key element in the language learning tripod. (Attitude, Time, and Attentiveness.)

Anthony Robbins is a motivational speaker who talks about how to make money, but his ideas apply at least as much to language learning. This video of mine, about 16 months old,?? was brought to my attention by one of my viewers at my youtube channel. I think it is relevant to the discussion about LingQ, and why some people have trouble taking advantage of it.

Many learners say they want structure, or that they want the learning made easier.?? They tell me that LingQ works for me only because I am a good language learner. I don’t agree. I believe it comes down to attitude.

I believe I can learn any language. I am willing to take the necessary actions for success, find the resources I need,?? and commit to learning. I therefore achieve good results. These good results reinforce my confidence and on it goes. If we attend a traditional classroom, we surrender our independence, our?? decision making, to the teacher. We are given textbooks and a curriculum. We follow them. We are not required to take any deliberate actions, beyond what the teacher or textbook tells us to do.

LingQ is a resource. It need not be the only resource, nor even the main resource. There are many resources out there. If we expect LingQ to take over like a teacher, we will be disppointed. We are in charge of our own language learning journey, not LingQ.

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