A new form of CPR. This may save a life.

This video is not about language learning , but it could very well save a life. This is a new simpler and more effective form of Continuous Chest Compression, to use to assist a person experiencing cardiac arrest.It could save a life.

I think this is worth passing on.

Study the transcript of this video on LingQ

Fossilization and interlanguage

Fossilization and interlanguage are examples of language teaching jargon. These kinds of technical terms that are associated with language teaching often strike me as unnecessary, and not helpful to language learners. I know that learners are not aware of these terms. However they are often used by experts in Second Language Acquisition, and people who teach teachers how to teach languages. I feel that these terms have had little if any positive influence on language learning. Language learning still comes down to motivation, time on task and the ability to notice. Here is a recent youtube video I did on the subject.

Turkish is added at LingQ!

We are adding one language a month at LingQ. The winner last month was Turkish. I am definitely going to get to that language. Now we just need some Turkish content. I hope our members come through.

You can vote for the next language. Just have a look under Questions at our Facebook page. Right now it looks like a close race between Farsi, Finnish, Cantonese, Modern Greek and Hebrew. There are also a few dark horses. Meanwhile enjoy Turkish.

Learn Turkish on LingQ!

Did you know that Turkish is spoken by an estimated 80 million people worldwide? It is an agglutinative language and has a word order similar to Korean and Japanese, but it also has noun cases like Russian and Czech.

Turkish underwent some significant changes in the early 1900s, including a change in the writing system, moving from an Arabic-based script to a Latin-based script.

For a list of great Turkish content, be sure to check out the Turkish Listening Library, assembled by Aaron Myers.

Get started on Turkish today!

Why learn Chinese?

I am back from my various travels and tomorrow I have a date. I am one of five judges who will choose the winner of the 2011 Miss Chinese Vancouver pageant. We will be interviewing the contestants in Chinese and English tomorrow afternoon, and this is followed by a Chinese dinner with them. Next Wednesday is the Gala Show on Fairchild TV, where yours truly will try not to make too much of a fool of himself.

For a look at the contestants, and to understand the advantages of learning Chinese, check out the photo gallery. Needless to say I am looking forward to a scintillating intellectual discussion and a great meal tomorrow. Ah the cultural delights of learning languages!