Five Days to


We need to make mistakes to learn. Although I am mostly an input based learner, I do want to speak, and eventually to speak well. If I am corrected while speaking I tend to forget the correction quite quickly. When I get a report from our tutor a LingQ, I import it and save the key words and phrases that I got wrong.

Listening to the conversation itself also helps, as we notice our mistakes and cringe. On top of that, in Czech, Jarda sends me a recording of the correct version of the phrases that I got wrong in our discussion. So I get a lot of work on these mistakes. I may even learn from Luca and translate these phrases into English and then back into Czech.

This is will all be part of my preparation for my Czech Fluency in Five Days challenge in October.

This recording with Jarda is an indication of how far I have to go in Czech. Right after my discussion with Jarda I had a discussion with a new Russian tutor, and I am adding it for reference. I also may mistakes there, that I notice on listening again. Still, if I can bring my Czech up to that level in Prague, I will be happy.


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