Organic food and eating local.

Organic food and eating local produce (the locavore movement) are popular ideas because we feel that we should do all we can to contribute to a better environment. It would appear that neither organic food nor eating locally contributes anything to our health, nor to the health of our environment. In fact, any major swing to organic farming would reduce agricultural output and threaten the lives of people. I must say that I enjoy eating improted food products, oranges, tropical fruit, or just plain produce that is out of season. Canada is also a major exporter of a variety of products, and if we oppose imported products, this could, in the end, cost us our export markets. 

So I think it is best to resist these fads.

3 thoughts on “Organic food and eating local.

  1. Big agriculture has devastating effects to the environment, from polluting our land and water with pesticides, to creating giant algal blooms in the ocean due to fertilizer run-off, which cause massive die-offs because of the lack of oxygen, to the introduction of GMOs , the long-term consequences of which in the natural environment and human/cattle metabolism we do not really know. While organic food may not feed the world, it can also be argued in the same way that meat will not feed the world so we should not consume meat. The organic food movement is not only about the environmental effects but also a part of a larger critique of the power structure of contemporary food economics, with huge corporations like Montsanto and the Carlyle group controlling our food supply, reaping huge profits and subsidies from the government, and while being completely socially and environmentally irresponsible.If you look at the past of mankind and the projected future, big industrial agriculture will just be a fad, a blip on the radar, compared to non-petroleum based organic farming.

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