Meetup tomorrow night.

I am sitting in Heathrow Airport waiting for my ongoing flight to Prague. I am flying on points so I don’t necessarily get the best connecting flights. I can’t wait to touch down in Prague tonight and look forward to meeting people tomorrow at the Novomestsky Pivovar.


5 thoughts on “Meetup tomorrow night.

  1. Hi Steve,Not sure you found any of my previous messages, but I read and saw a few things on your website and was very impressed by your understanding how to learn the Czech language and your progress so far. I am a linguist myself and a language tutor and I am Czech. I live in the UK but am going home to Prague tomorrow-lovely coincidence- and I was just thinking whether I would be able to make it to your meeting. I now realised its actually today so I am afraid I will just miss it….. What a shame, would have been lovely to meet you and find out more about you. It is always so nice to chat to someone with similar views on language aquisition. Anyway, I hope you have a lot of fun tonight and will be looking to reading your updates!!! If you are free any other day while you are in Prague, do let me know, would be lovely to hear from you.

  2. ps: how odd, you are sitting at Heathrow, which is about 15 taxi drive from my house where I am right now… how long will you be there for? fancy a quick kaficko???? 😉

  3. Hey Steve! I’m afraid you haven’t heard from me in a while. I have been working on my languages mostly outside of lingq. Anyway, I have been following you as always and I’m on my way to Prague right now. It was the most spontaneous thing. My train arrives at 19:18 and I’ll head straight to the novomestsky. I hope it’s not closed society and you’re still not finished when I get there. Looking forward to meeting you, Steve! -Tommy from Vienna (lingq nickname: Muerte)

  4. Hey Steve, you’re a self-important gas bag, who loves his own voice and fragile egotist!P.S.I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHERE ARE YOU AND WHAT YOU DO!

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