MOOC’s will change higher education.

MOOC’s (Massive Online Open Courses) will change higher education forever says this article in the Boston Globe. I believe that this will happen, perhaps not as fast as the article implies. Language learning is a great field for online learning. The University of Texas at Austin is a pioneer in this regard. I will be visiting their language centre, and my good friend Olrando Kelm, in March.

In its own way LingQ is an example of what online language courses can look like.

Let’s talk about LingQ and language learning: Hangout on google +

We have made changes at LingQ. I would be happy to explain how to take full advantage of these. You may have some questions about language learning in general or LingQ. All languages welcome.

The hangout is on Saturday Nov 17. 11 am PST (Vancouver time) : 2 pm EST (US East Coast): 19.00 (7 pm) GMT. Come to the LingQ page at google + and follow us if you are interested. Below is the URL of the LingQ page at google +. You should come and follow this page. The first nine people can participate in the hangout, and the rest can watch.