Why learn English or any other language?

I received a youtube video from an English teacher in Siberia who asked me to do a video which would encourage his students to study harder. Here I attach his video, and my two video responses, in English and in Russian.

The request an English answer a Russian answer

3 thoughts on “Why learn English or any other language?

  1. Great response, Steve. I never knew you owned a lumber business! Fascinating, you should maybe consider doing a short autobiographical sort of post on here one day.I’m glad you acknowledged that English is currently the most important language in the world right now because it’s essentially the current "lingua france" or "international language" or whatever you want to call it–too many other polyglots and language enthusiasts I’ve talked to won’t admit that or try to downplay it. I will be the first to admit that native English speakers like us just simply got extremely <i>lucky</i> by having English as our native language, that’s all that is: luck. But, it doesn’t negate just how useful and powerful knowing English is in this world right now, <i>especially</i> if you want to travel. If you want to travel in general (no one country or area, just all over the world), and you were to tell me that you can only learn one language, I would tell you that you need to learn English, it’ll be the most useful by far.Great videos, and it was very gracious of you to respond to that teacher and make not one, but two videos for his class.Cheers,Andrew

  2. Andrew, Steve kind of autobiography is written in his book / audiobook: ???The Linguist. A personal guide to language learning???. I have listened to it many times and find it a great source of comprehensible input.English is a ???must-have???, a communication standard, today???s lingua franca. You just have to learn it to be successful.

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