MOOC’s will change higher education.

MOOC’s (Massive Online Open Courses) will change higher education forever says this article in the Boston Globe. I believe that this will happen, perhaps not as fast as the article implies. Language learning is a great field for online learning. The University of Texas at Austin is a pioneer in this regard. I will be visiting their language centre, and my good friend Olrando Kelm, in March.

In its own way LingQ is an example of what online language courses can look like.

5 thoughts on “MOOC’s will change higher education.

  1. Online learning will definitely massively change education, which is a good thing as far as I’m concerned because our higher-learning institutions (at least in the U.S.) are in desperate need of significant reforms, the for-profit university system here has just become horrible, I despise it in its current form and I honestly watch with glee as I see the damage being done to their business model by free online learning organizations.However, I also agree with you, Steve, that it will take quite a bit of time to really see major effects, probably it won’t be any sooner than another 10 years before we start seeing major changes happening in the university system.Cheers,Andrew

  2. Technology is fast overtaking the traditional model of education, which is most likely a good thing. Perhaps online courses would be more readily accepted if they were not referred to as being higher education or university degrees, since those terms conjure up the image of physical classrooms and campuses.

  3. I also have no doubt that MOOC’s will radically change the way we learn. By today university knowledge/education is expensive and often requires your physical presence at certain times. Therefore it is expensive and you don’t have a lot of flexibility.These shortcomings are the big advantages of MOOC’s. I tried a view online lessons offered by Standford and other universities and did really like it, since I was able to to it from the comfort of my home and the best is that it was for free.I also believe that especially for language learning there is a lot of opportunity in online languages courses and many good examples of how this can look like. However most people still rely mostly on offline courses but we can already see the change happening.Daniel

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