Drive safely over the holidays. Operation Red Nose.

Here is a fuzzy photo of our old timers’ hockey gang at our Christmas lunch, after our last game of the year. See if you can find me.

All appearances to the contrary, we had only one beer each to stay below the 0.5 % alcohol limit. One of our members had only cranberry juice. He will be volunteering as a designated driver in the Operation Red Nose campaign. He drives people home from parties, and the donations he receives go to charity. I was impressed with his community spirit. Maybe I will do this next year.


2 thoughts on “Drive safely over the holidays. Operation Red Nose.

  1. Hi Steve I have read many of your articles and I have watched most of your videos (with I found even more enjoyable ) but I don’t remember you have ever talked on the subject of International Phonetic Alphabet and how it can helps us learn languages more effectively. I ‘d like to know ,how important it is, in your view, to learn all the charcters and its sounds to improve our skills …I personally believe it is not a such a big deal, but I would lve to hear from you, what your point of view on that is.take it as a suggestion for a next video…Take carePavel

  2. Pavel, I have no use for tine IPA. Either I can hear the sound and it is familiar to me, or I have to learn how pronounce it. I have never found the IPA useful enough to learn it. Others use it and find it wonderful. To each his own. Cheers.

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